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What words describe you best? Titles like daughter, wife, mom, caregiver, person with chronic illness and teacher could all work for me. The title I like best? Child of God, Daughter of the King and most important, REDEEMED. This is my creative kind of business page, so I’m sure that  I am breaking the political correctness code, but this is who I am. I am a super busy mom of 2 kids, wife of over 15 years, caregiver to my grandfather, active in the leadership of my church and attempting to sell handmade items that you can’t just go and pickup at Walmart. If you are counting that would be more hats than 1 woman can have at a time, so have patience with me. I will attempt to add content as possible, current projects, items to sell and whatever else people might like to see. My best friend calls me “Martha Stewart without the rap sheet,”lets see if I can live up to that title.

Until I have time to create or add more content, please feel free to contact me for custom orders paula@homemadebypaula.com.

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